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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Write in GL on USA TODAY Save Our Shows Poll

Let USA TODAY know that we want to see Guiding Light saved by writing in GL on their Save Our Shows Poll!!!!!!! Be sure to explain why you want to see GL remain on the air!

Could WE be interested in GL? Some seem to beleive that the Women's Entertainment Network could be on PGP's list of possible new homes for the show. Let WE know how much you would love to see GL picked up! Email them. Send them postcards. It can't hurt!

WE tv
11 Penn Plaza, 19th Floor
New York, NY 10001

There is currently a poll on the Lifetime boards. Although Lifetime is insisting that they are not interested in soaps at this time, participating in the poll cannot hurt. The more noise we make, the more we get noticed.

If you read my entry last night (see below) I am a little upset with the two print publications that cover the soaps for what I see as a mistreatment of GL over the past year or so. I encourage everyone to let them know that we the fans still love and believe in GL! I know there was a time they were claiming that the fans were not writing to them in support of the show, but I believe that was an excuse used to cover the fact that they were not publishing letters in praise of the show, only those that supported their opinion.

* SOD Sound Off:

* SOW Public Opinion:

Keep the LIGHT Shining!

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