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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pittsburgh Says So Long Springfield!

Pittsburgh to Host Ten GL Cast Members
and Fans In Special Event

So Long, Springfield” is a daylong farewell to the beloved and longest running television show of all time, The Guiding Light. While adoring fans are tearful that the longest running show in history has been cancelled, the “LIGHT” is not completely extinguished. Due to air it’s final episode in mid-September, the show won’t go dark without appropriate fanfare—very much due this beloved soap opera and it’s cherished characters.

So Long, Springfield” is a once in a lifetime event, featuring ten of The Guiding Light’s most popular stars. Fans will enjoy memorable, up-close-and-personal time with the stars, and have a last opportunity to say goodbye and send good wishes to the real people that portray the characters they’ve come to know and love.

Why Pittsburgh? Because this Pennsylvania city and its suburbs boast possibly the most loyal fan base in the United States…even the actorsknow it! In fact, each of the actors participating felt that Pittsburgh should be the market for this memorable fan event.


* KIM ZIMMER (Reva Shayne)
* ROBERT NEWMAN (Josh Lewis)
* GINA TOGNONI (Dinah Marler)
* JEFF BRANSON (Shayne Lewis)
* GRANT ALEKSANDER (Phillip Spaulding)
* RON RAINES (Alan Spaulding)
* BRADLEY COLE (Jeffrey O’Neill)
* JORDAN CLARKE (Billy Lewis)

WHEN: Saturday, October 24th

* 1:00 – 5:00 PM Participants will attend an insightful and moving question & answer session, learn behind the scenes secrets from a Guiding Light director and meet, greet and pose for photos with the stars. Several lucky fans will have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to act out actual scenes from real Guiding Light scripts with the stars themselves!
* 4:00 – 8:00 PM Vendor tables open
* 7:00 – 10:00 PM The evening festivities are designed to be a special, musical farewell, where several of the actors will perform vocal numbers, and share memories from their years on The Guiding Light with their loyal fans. A light strolling dinner will begin the evening.

WHERE: Hyatt Regency Pittsburgh International Airport

COST: Daytime Only or Evening Only $75.00 or Stay for the Day $140.00

HOW to REGISTER: Click REGISTER NOW and follow prompts for secure purchase by major credit card. You may also call 1-866-364-0330. Tickets will not be issued—please bring picture ID and computer confirmation to receive wristband for admittance on the day of the event.

A portion of the proceeds from “So Long, Springfield” will be donated to The Young Women’s Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Subject: New campaign from daysfan1965 @ SOC

"Save Guiding Light" NBC Call-In Event - This Friday, 7/10 at 4pm


I have begun the "Save Guiding Light" NBC Call-In Event" to take effect this Friday, 7/10 at 4pm. Guiding Light airs in various affiliates from 10am - 4pm. Immediately after the final broadcast of Fridays episode, fans of Guiding Light will call into NBC's Comment Line to have them pick up Guiding Light.

Please, only post your positive beliefs so we take drastic steps towards this movement. If we get enough fans to call in at that time (and even after), they will consider the calls rather than disregard them.

I called Jeff Zucker's contact that I had posted in the contract thread. Obviously, he won't pick up, and I was directed to the comment line, where I left my message.

One message will not cut it, but hundreds will.

Please call 212-664-4444 for an indirect line which will direct you to the NBC Viewer Contact Line.

Or just call the NBC Viewer Contact Line directly at 212-664-2333.

Soapmom, please put this out there! You did such a great job with your rally! I need your assistance! Every poster, please put this out there and call NBC on this date and time. If anyone has connections, pass this info around.

Please help Save Guiding Light. NBC has never said they wanted out of the soap business, so don't disregard this movement because of that false rumor. Days of our Lives is doing great, so don't think they will determine the decision to leave the soap industry.

Thank you all for the support and help Save Guiding Light!!!!!!!!!!

Looking Back

I guess the folks at CBS think that they can help ease the pain of what they have done by adding content to the Guiding Light page.

The New York Post
published this today.

Friday, July 3, 2009

New Project for GL Fans

See Original Message Below (Courtesy of

Hello Everyone!!!
It has been a couple of weeks! I needed to regroup a bit but I'm baaaaaaaaack! ;0)
And, I would like to invite everyone to participate in my new special project. We need to put some faces behind the words that we have been saying for months now. I want us, the fans, to bee seen and heard as real people not just numbers...but I really need the fans to come out for this special project so please help me reach everyone who loves Guiding Light and has something to say about it being canceled.
Here is how you can participate and what I am looking for...if you have a webcam or video options in your phone please participate!

1 Submit to me your own personal messages audio, video, (or written but prefer audio or video) to your favorite cast members and tell them what they mean to you, how much you like their acting, talent, story, etc.
2 In audio or video format I would like you to tell me about your all time favorite storyline(s), who your favorite actor/actress, and couple is and why.
3 What Guiding Light means to you and why you want it to continue
4 Send me any pictures you may have, even from fan events you may have attended, and want me to display or put together with other fan pictures in a video that I will personally create from them.
I am going to put this together and send it out to a variety of places including those actors and actresses mentioned, as well as put it on the website.
With everyone uncertain about the future of Guiding Light, the possibility of it being set up for failure, and people losing hope it is time for us to really show our Guiding Light love in person while we still can. This is your opportunity to say how you feel and anything else you need to say. I would like all videos to be 5 minutes or under.
I want this project to be the biggest one I have had to date, so please help me if you can and spread the word!
Send all videos to me at or by submitting them directly to the site.
Save the Light...Keep the Light Shining!!!