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This blog will now aim to keep you up-to-date on what is going on with the former GL cast members as they explore new horizons. Many of the stars you loved are involved in new projects, some in the genre, some on stage, while others have ventured on to something completely different! This blog is written and maintained by Tracey and Mike. If you have information you wish to submit for publication please contact one of us and we will consider your request!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Weekly Alumni Feature...Marshall Hilliard

Marshall Hilliard was the fourth actor to play Hart Jessup. Marshall was recast in the role in Late 1995 and was with Guiding Light thru June of 1996 when the role was recast again with Frank Grillo.

Marshall is a very close friend of mine and has done very well for himself since departing GL in 1996. He has done several roles on daytime and primetime including: Days Of Our Lives, The Young And The Restless, Two And A Half Men and many more! You can currently see Marshall on General Hospital playing a Police Officer. I spoke with him a few days ago and he had just worked a 12 hour day on the set of GH and loves working on the show! He also filmed an episode of the new NBC sitcom: The New Normal!

Marshall is also a personal trainer in LA and he has played for The California Tide Football team for the past two years as their place kicker where he has ranked the number one kicker in their league!

In addition to acting and playing sports, Marshall has also written and produced a pilot titled: Burn. It is a comedy that revolves around a gym and fitness center in LA. Marshall filmed the pilot in which he also plays the lead character and is shopping it around Hollywood and we are hoping that it gets picked up!

On a personal note...I want everyone to know that Marshall is one of the best guys I have ever had the pleasure of knowing! He is very loving to his fans and is very grateful for his time he had on Guiding Light!

I invite everyone to check out and like his page on Facebook that we both run together. Marshall is great about interacting with his fans and answering questions and between the both of us, we try to give updates as much as possible!

Here is the link to his page:!/pages/Marshall-Hilliard/371768209542181

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sorry About Not keeping up!

My apologies for not updating this page. When I noted the number of visitors this morning I got to thinking that maybe there still is interest in the blog. With that being said I will do my best to get back to it!