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Monday, May 25, 2009

Sign the Pledge

Sign the Guiding Light- As the World Turns Pledge: Join forces with us, the fans of Guiding Light and As the World Turns to help save these historic shows. Perhaps if we can show those in charge that we have a large audience that is willing to follow the shows to any network, we can entice another network to pick up these shows. Vote now! The larger the number, the more attractive our audience becomes to advertisers and networks!

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Thursday, May 21, 2009


I am hearing that Lifetime may have in fact passed on GL, and that it maybe time to begin hitting TV Land with those phone calls, postcards and emails. I know we go from hearing nothing to hearing all kinds of rumors and speculation about the future of the show and what network(s) are and are not interested, but we need to continue to show our support for PGP and Guiding Light. We need to let them know were are a very loyal group of viewers who will follow the show and when the times comes, its sister show As the World Turns.

TV Land Contact Info:

TV Land Viewer Services
1515 Broadway
New York, NY 10036

Viewer Services Hotline:

Email at this webpage:

Strength in Numbers: Let's Continue to Help Support PGP in the Quest to Keep the Light Shining....and the World Turning

I will admit, Guiding Light IS my show. I follow no other show with the passion and dedication that I have for GL. So, I have to admit that I know nothing about As the World Turns other than it is also owned by Proctor and Gamble Productions and it known as GL's sister show.

In light of GL's cancellation by CBS, we have also heard the rumors that CBS plans on dropping ATWT when its contract ends in September 2010. Guding Light fans already know the pain that came with the announcement of GL's fate on April 1, 2009, and I am pretty sure we all agree that we would hate to see the same thing happen to ATWT fans next year.

Since both shows are owned by PGP, we beleive that they are an attractive package. What if PGP could show a potential network the potential to draw in over 4 million new viewers who would follow both shows to a new home?

At this time, we are preparing another campaign in support of PGP and its soaps.
Saty tuned for more information.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Another Fan Video

Thanks to Sentari Online for this video in support of GL and for the plug for this site!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Telenext Issues Statment to SOD

GL's Future Addressed
TeleNext addressed rampant online rumors that GL is currently in talks with both Lifetime and Oxygen networks in effort to find the soap a new home. In a statement, Senior VP Brian T. Cahill said, "We continue to explore all our options to find a new home for GUIDING LIGHT. At this point, we are not able to comment or speculate about any potential partnerships. Our conversations are ongoing and, in the interest of keeping them moving forward, we cannot offer any additional perspective. We will certainly communicate broadly if and when a decision is made about the future of the show. We thank all our loyal fans for their continued outpouring of support.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Keep the Light Shining Video

From Otalia Fan:

Misquoting Grant

Since the beginning of the Keep the Light Shining campaign one thing that I have tried very hard to do was avoid anything that was not verifiable or positive in nature. I never wanted, nor do I want this campaign to take on a negative tone.

Unfortunately, on Friday May 1st, the CBS affiliate in Pittsburgh, KDKA ran a feature containing several Guiding Light actors who participated in a find raiser for the Young Women's Cancer Foundation but apparently never bothered to proof its own work.

KDKA places a written synopsis of the video they ran on the air almost immediately following the broadcast. However someone at KDKA apparently failed to proof the write up before publishing it on the web site. In the video Robert Newman spoke of the possibility of Guiding Light continuing on a cable network such as Lifetime. If you watch the video it is apparent that Robert is grabbing examples of cable stations. However in the article it states that Grant Aleksander made those statements. Since then several other soap related sites have published the incorrect information, because they apparently did not go back and watch the video version of the interview.

In the interview we hear the reporter, not Grant Aleksander make the statement that Grant returned knowing the show would be dropped, yet if you listen to what Grant says following the voice over you get the feeling the reporter is putting words in Grant's mouth. Until I hear Grant utter those words, I am taking it with a grain of salt.

I am a life long KDKA viewer, and the way KDKA handled this piece from the beginning has been a great disappointment. They waited for almost a week after the event to air this segment, which was plenty of time to get it right. First, the reporter called Grant Aleksander Phillip in the video, and they didn't take the time to correct the error. That coupled with the shoddy job of transcribing it on their own web site is extremely disappointing. Equally disappointing is the number of people out there who didn't take the time to watch the video that is posted with the transcription to check for accuracy. Instead, all of those people have only done one thing: perpetuate rumors and misinformation.

What we know: Rumors had been circulating about GL future long before Grant Aleksander decided to return. When he returned he knew there was a possibility the show would be canceled. (If that helped him make his decision to return, more power to him.).

We also know: That we all knew the contract with CBS was up for renewal and that the ratings were at an all time low. And we know, and I have gotten this from several set side sources, that Ellen Wheeler and PGP are working hard to find GL a new home.

And we know that....accuracy is obviously unimportant in today's media. Shame on you KDKA, Bill Burns must be shaking his head at the way news is covered by today's media!