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This blog will now aim to keep you up-to-date on what is going on with the former GL cast members as they explore new horizons. Many of the stars you loved are involved in new projects, some in the genre, some on stage, while others have ventured on to something completely different! This blog is written and maintained by Tracey and Mike. If you have information you wish to submit for publication please contact one of us and we will consider your request!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

STEAMBOAT the Series Episode 2

Michael O'Leary decided to release episode two of Steamboat a few days early due to the snow storm that hit the east coast again on Friday. This was much to the delight of fans who are excited about Michael's project featuring several former Guiding Light actors including Beth Chamberlin, Justin Deas, Kurt McKinney, Orlagh Cassidy and Kim Zimmer.

Steamboat quickly began to climb the most subscribe comedy chart for the month of February on Youtube, hitting #12 on Saturday. Michael would love to see fans push the series into the top ten by the end of the day today!  Fans are also giving the show its stamp of approval by voting for the series in the We Love Soaps indy soap poll for the week.

Michael has been seeking fans opinions via Twitter and Facbook...

Episode 2 of Steamboat.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Steamboat Catching Attention

Michael O'Leary (ex Rick Bauer) and his cast of some of daytime's most familiar faces are getting a lot of attention as the comedy webseries Steamboat continues to climb on Youtube's most subscribed comedies list. As of 1:20 PM today the first episode has climbed to #15 most subscribed in the comedy area. Congratualtions go out to all involved in the project!

It seems that many fans are providing Michael with ideas for future episodes of Steamboat, including ways in which to get Ron Raines (ex Alan Spaulding) involved. Michael is also reaching out to a younger audience and is asking his Facebook followers to share Steamboat with the younger audience. If you have not yet checked it out, you can catch the first epsiode by scrolling down the page!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Liz Keifer's Upcoming Appearances

Liz Keifer has a few upcoming appearances that can be viewed here. Liz's official fan club site is also featured in our links section. Liz will be taking part in the So Long Springfield Tour and she continues to be actively involved in auditioning and is appearing on stage. She and Jerry are planning to once again host the Daytime Stars and Strikes Event in October! Visit here for more details on Daytime Stars and Strikes.

Visit the Official Websites of GL Alumni

Here is a list of the official sites of some of the Guiding Light actors. Please visit these sites to keep up-to-date on what these wonderful actors are up to now!

Ron Raines (Alan Spaulding)
Kim Zimmer (Reva Shayne)
Beth Chamberlin (Beth Raines)
Beth Chamberlin's Beacon Fitness
Bradley Cole (Jeffery O'Neil)
Jordan Clarke (Billy Lewis)
Marj Dusay (Alexandra Spaulding)
Liz Keifer (Blake Marler)
Robert Newman (Josh Lewis)
Tom Pelphrey (Jonathan Randall)
Tina Sloan (Lillian Raines)
Jerry VerDorn (Ross Marler)
Daytime Stars and Strikes

Monday, February 22, 2010

Michael O'Leary and Scott Bryce Launch Steamboat the Series on YouTube

Episode 1

Shower With the Soap Stars

Join Ron Raines, Jerry Ver Dorn, Frank Dicopoulos and Terri Columbino at Shower with the Soap Stars at the LeMont Resturant on Mt. Washington, Pittsburgh, PA on Saturday March 27 in support of The Young Women's Breast Cancer Foundation.

Cost is $60 per person which includes a buffet lunch.

So Long Springfield at Sea

The final So Long Springfiled event will take place upon the Carnival Cruise Ship Glory July 31-August 5 2010.  This is your last chance to say good-bye to 12 of GL's most beloved actors as they gather in one place for this final event. Don't wait! Book your cabin before it is too late! For more infomation click here.

Michael O'Leary Introduces Steamboat

Guiding Light's Michael O'Leary has just released the trailer and first episode to his pilot series entitled Steamboat on YouTube. Steamboat is a satire about a soap opera that is on the ratings endangered list. O'Leary invited several of his long time GL fans to join him on the project including Beth Chamerlin (ex -Beth). Kim Zimmer (ex-Reva), Orlagh Cassidy (ex-Doris), Justin Deas (ex-Buzz) and Kurt McKinney (ex-Matt. They are joined by As the Word Turn actor Michael Park.