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This blog will now aim to keep you up-to-date on what is going on with the former GL cast members as they explore new horizons. Many of the stars you loved are involved in new projects, some in the genre, some on stage, while others have ventured on to something completely different! This blog is written and maintained by Tracey and Mike. If you have information you wish to submit for publication please contact one of us and we will consider your request!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Danny Cosgrove Joins STEAMBOAT the Series Cast

Michael O'Leary  (ex Rick) and his Steamboat staff announced via Twitter this afternoon that Danny Cosgrove (ex Bill) has joined the cast of Steamboat the Series which just went back into production this week. No word yet on when fans can expect to see the next episodes of Steamboat, but my sources are tell methay have been working behind the scenes for months now hoping to land some sponsors to bring you more epsiodes and they also plan on a few more casting announcements in the near future.

Lawrence St. Victor Stars in The Forgiven

If you were wondering when you would see Guiding Light’s Remy back on the screen, you’re in for a big treat. Lawrence Saint-Victor, the soap opera hero, co-directed, wrote and acted in the short film, The Forgiven, recently featured on the big screen at The Big Apple Film Festival & Urban World Film Festival in New York City.

To read the full article visit UPTOWN Magazine

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tom Pelphrey to Begin Filming Tomorrow

Tom Pelphrey (ex Jonathan) will begin filming Junction this week:

Camera’s will begin rolling on Wednesday, November 17 in Fort Lee, NJ as Tony Glazer’s Junction, gears up for a six week shoot, including large SWAT scene complete with helicopters and sirens, which is scheduled to shoot December 11 & 12.
Read the Entire Article on We Love Soaps.

Ron Raines Cast in Kennedy Center Production of FOLLIES

The Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. has officially announced that Ron Raines (ex Alan) has been cast to play Benjamin Stone in Stephen Sondheim's Follies.

Raines joins the previously announced two-time Tony winner Bernadette Peters as Sally, Terrence Currier as Theodore Whitman, Rosalind Elias as Heidi Schiller, Florence Lacey as Sandra Crane, Linda Lavin as Hattie Walker, Jan Maxwell as Phyllis Rogers Stone, Elaine Paige as Carlotta Campion, RĂ©gine as Solange LaFitte, David Sabin as Dimitri Weismann, Susan Watson as Emily Whitman and Terri White as Stella Deems.

To read the full press release on click here.
Visit Ron's official home page for more details.

Friday, November 12, 2010

GL Alumni News

 Orlagh Cassidy (ex Doris) mentioned on Twitter that she has a project going on. Marcy Rylan (ex Lizzie) Tweeted that she had an audition this morning. Michael O'Leary had some good news for Steamboat fans when he announced they would be shooting again this month. Tina Sloan (ex Lillian) continues to visit libraries, bookstores and theaters across the country doing publicity for her wonderful book Changing Shoes. Liz Keifer (ex Blake) has begun a new business venture with her own acting studio. Ron Raines (ex Alan) has an announcement coming soon about a new gig (not soap related). Ricky Paull Goldin is a father. Kim Zimmer (ex Reva) has walked into Lanview on One Life to Life bringing with her a boost in ratings for the show.