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Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Subject: New campaign from daysfan1965 @ SOC

"Save Guiding Light" NBC Call-In Event - This Friday, 7/10 at 4pm


I have begun the "Save Guiding Light" NBC Call-In Event" to take effect this Friday, 7/10 at 4pm. Guiding Light airs in various affiliates from 10am - 4pm. Immediately after the final broadcast of Fridays episode, fans of Guiding Light will call into NBC's Comment Line to have them pick up Guiding Light.

Please, only post your positive beliefs so we take drastic steps towards this movement. If we get enough fans to call in at that time (and even after), they will consider the calls rather than disregard them.

I called Jeff Zucker's contact that I had posted in the contract thread. Obviously, he won't pick up, and I was directed to the comment line, where I left my message.

One message will not cut it, but hundreds will.

Please call 212-664-4444 for an indirect line which will direct you to the NBC Viewer Contact Line.

Or just call the NBC Viewer Contact Line directly at 212-664-2333.

Soapmom, please put this out there! You did such a great job with your rally! I need your assistance! Every poster, please put this out there and call NBC on this date and time. If anyone has connections, pass this info around.

Please help Save Guiding Light. NBC has never said they wanted out of the soap business, so don't disregard this movement because of that false rumor. Days of our Lives is doing great, so don't think they will determine the decision to leave the soap industry.

Thank you all for the support and help Save Guiding Light!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I am Daysfan1965. The number 212-664-2333 has a FULL voicemail box. Please just call 212-664-4444 to give your message! Thank you very much! Keep checking into the Soap Central boards for more information!