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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Saving Our Shows...are we taking the wrong approach?

While surfing the net today I came across this rather interesting article which provides food for thought. We all know that the TV industry makes decisions--on what shows live and die using the antiquated Nielsen Ratings System, and most of us who watch do not count, not really anyway.

If you heard my rantings during my interview on BuzzWorthy Radio a few weeks back, you heard me say that younger people no longer watch television the way we did, in fact many do not watch television at all; they view their shows online at their convenience, not during a scheduled time slot. This is only one gripe I have about the industry still basing decisions on the Nielsen's. Online viewing isn't considered in the Nielsen system, which in my opinion means that the Nielsen system is far from accurate.

Take a look at what this journalist has to say.

Perhaps we all need to tune in to Guiding Light Online!


  1. agree...i havent heard much about the web option for gl lately? is it still being looked into? as we approach a month since that infamous day....its getting scarier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lou,
    Actually I am hearing that we have reason to be hopeful that GL will be picked up and continue in some form. Nothing definite at this point, but P & G is not giving up.