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Friday, April 17, 2009

Good-Bye SOD and SOW

This past fall I decided I was not renewing Soap Opera Weekly, or Soap Opera Digest. The main reason, I got tired of being able to stand in line at the local store and read them several days before they arrived in my mailbox.

Today however, I have decided that I will no longer be purchasing either SOD or SOW weekly at the supermarket or newsstand any loner either. Why? Because of the continuous trashing of Guiding Light at every turn. You would think that a publication that is dedicated to the genre would want as many daytime shows to survive as possible considering that it is their bread and butter. Yet both of these publications have done nothing but ignore or trash GL for quite a while now.

Ironically, one medium that is beginning to die off faster than the daytime drama is the print magazine. Some in the industry are predicting that the daytime drama will be gone within as little as five years. So I ask you SOW and SOD, "where is your paycheck going to be coming from when you have effectively helped kill off the genre that supported you for all these years?" I'll bet you think there will be some other publication just waiting to hire you right? Wrong. Publishers are pulling the plug on magazines left and right. Newspapers are shutting down at a rapid rate.

Many tears have been shed since the announcement of CBS's decision not to renew GL, but I can assure you, no one will so much as blink and eye when SOD and SOW are no longer on the rack in the checkout isle.


  1. unfortunately, reading either magazine clearly offers no hope to gl fans...i agree...this will only make it more difficult to get another site lined up....and does sem ultimately self sabotaging as well

  2. I hate how Soap Opera Weekly ignores or trashes Guiding Light I just subcribed ti the magizine for quite a while and I am so sorry I did that,