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Monday, April 6, 2009

BuzzWorthy Radio

Listen and call into BuzzWorthy Radio this Wednesday night at 10:30 PM Eastern as I join Na'Vell J. Lee to talk about the fan efforts to Keep the Light Shining!

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  1. 72 years whats wrong with you people!! why destroy so many people that depend on this show plus the actors this is what they get for being the best!!!!!!!!!!
    This show is real life to many of us it is so depressing I can't sleep this show has been a part of my life longer than my Dad, Mom, children, grandkids even my husband it really is my escape from real problems in life a get away I just don't know what else to say & your going to replace it with what junk???
    Please keep GL on the air I have been a viewer of Guiding Light since I was a little girl. I have watched GL for 52 years .It is like part of the family. My mother & I both watched it and my sisters watched it, too. This is the only soap opera I watch period.

    My whole family has been committed to watching this show,especially It would just break my heart to see Guiding Light cancelled. Ellen Wheeler has revived this show with her devoted efforts, and I think she is a brave soul. The writers have embraced the art of truly telling a story, and it is all so brilliant! The actors have been just phenominal in their delivery. So many actors & actresses have become big stars from the Guiding Light. I really can't say enough about how Guiding Light has come full circle in the last 18 months or so.
    The changes that the show made from traditional filming was initially difficult to get used to; but now, I have such an genuine appreciation for it. I feel as though Guiding Light is just beginning to really shine. It would be a diservice to the viewing audience, actors, producer, and writers to cancell at this time. Please, do, reconsider keeping the "Light" on air.

    Changing the program from 3 PM to 10 AM or even making it a half hour show I could live with that. I am appalled that Guiding Light is being canceled. Sponsors should be aware that the viewing audience married, raised their children and in many cases are supporting their children and grandchildren and still watching the show.
    I normally do not respond to petitions but what in the world are CBS and Proctor and Gamble thinking of!!! . What about loyalty to fans and dedicated long time wonderful actors and actresses that have made this such a historical daytime show. Come On CBS & P&G, let's do something to keep this show on the air!!!!! If CBS don’t want it maybe someone else does? Please Let our Light live on
    Joanne Nemechek Inverness Fl.