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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

There is a Destiny That Makes Us Brothers: Part One The Adventure Begins

While I continue to share with you news on what the Guiding Light Alumns are up to, I have decided to begin a series of my own reflection on what Guiding Light meant and continues to mean to me. I will call this series There is a Destiny that Makes Us Brothers because it is the underlying theme of what I will be writing about.

Back in late 2005, I was at home with a severe case of bronchitis and it was so bad that even walking to and from the kitchen was taking its toll on me. I had the TV and the computer to keep me company. I would watch Guiding Light at ten when it aired in the Pittsburgh market and one day I decided to do a search on the show and see what I could find on the internet. What I found were a series of discussion boards. I had never taken part in anything like it but I found once I did that it became very addicting. Little did I know at the time what it would lead to in a few short months.

That June a woman from Georgia who is a friend of Marj Dusay (ex Alexandra) had gotten in contact with Ron Raines who had been playing Alan Spaulding since 1994 and created his first official online presence in the form of "Friends of Ron" a discussion board. I came across it while messing around on the internet and became the first member. I messaged the board's creator, Janice and offered my help in the form of moderating the board and she accepted. Later I would help her with some photos that Ron had sent her and the next thing I knew she was inviting me to the Guiding Light Fan Club weeknd in New York City. My first response was, "Yeh, right....New York City for a fan club event?" She continued to try and persuade me to go, and I finally caved. Little did I know that summer that I was about to begin the adventure of a lifetime!
To Be Continued.

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