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Friday, August 27, 2010

Share Your Favorite Guiding Light Memories

As the one year anniversary approaches I thought it would be nice for our readers to share their favorite Guiding Light memories. Perhaps it was a storyline, a character or an encounter with one of the actors.

Many of us share the same story, we began watching because our mothers and/or grandmothers were viewers. I have heard that story from many many fans over the years.

I know there are still some movements out there saying that it is not too late to save GL, but it is my understanding that Proctor and Gamble does not want to give up the rights to the show, and I will venture to guess that the same holds true with the rights to As the World Turns as well. The actors and crew have come to terms with their loss and have begun to do what they have to and that is move on to other things. The actors who attended the So Long Springfield at Sea event earlier this month all agreed that there will be no resurrection for our beloved show.

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