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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tickets for Changing Shoes in Cincinnati On Sale

Monday, October 18, 2010
Jarson-Kaplan Theater

Tina Sloan, best known for her 26-year role as nurse Lillian Raines on Procter & Gamble's CBS daytime drama Guiding Light, shares her personal journey in the Cincinnati debut of her one-woman show, Changing Shoes. Alternately hilarious and deeply moving, Changing Shoes is the story of a television star who suddenly faces the greatest challenge of her career -- getting older.

Spanning more than 40 years of her life, Changing Shoes begins when Tina has a chance encounter with an old pair of shoes. The shoes launch her on a journey through her past, from sexy starlet to leading lady to daytime matriarch, ultimately forcing her to confront the question: 'What do I have to do to stay in the game?' As one of the characters in the play tells her: 'Always wear your own shoes, otherwise your feet won’t know where to take you'.

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