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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Grant Aleksander Reflects

Well its May 2nd and I just read Beth Chamberlin's post. It really makes me sad to think of all those things being auctioned off like so much anonymous junk. To those of us that worked on the show those things combined to create the physical world we inhabited for so long. And they changed you. You stood a little taller when you were in the Spaulding Study. Your shoulders relaxed and you breathed a little easier as you strolled into Company and slid into one of the booths or propped yourself up on a stool at the bar. When I came back to the show last year the first thing I did was to walk around the sets. Memories flooded over me and I could literally feel myself returning home to Springfield. When the show wrapped I asked to have the fireplace seat and andirons from the Spaulding Study. Countless times over the years I had sat on them or kneeled before them speaking to one of my kids or Beth or, in the old days, being lectured to by Alan . They will always bring back wonderful memories to me. They're now in my study in Virginia from where I sit writing this. Its not all an illusion. Those of us who worked on the show for a long time feel a very strong connection to all of those things.
But beyond the physical things that helped create Springfield even more important was the connection that we all felt to each other. And still feel. Thats why a group of us have come together to form 9 AFTER 7 Productions. We're trying to find a way to continue to be able to work together and produce the kind of  stories that we think fans of our show and others will continue to enjoy. The entertainment industry may be changing but peoples appetite for stories that emphasize family, friends and human relationships have not. We hope you will all give your support to our first project "La Lumiere." You'll see the faces you remember and the kind of stories and relationships you've come to love over the years. You can find us at We hope to see you all there!
Grant Aleksander


  1. Hi Grant:
    I miss GL terribly. Thanks so much for giving your time & energy to La Lumiere.

    Love you and your character(s) a great deal.


  2. Hi Grant,

    Thank you for the wonderful post. My mom passed on the family tradition of Guiding Light back in 1976 when I was five years old. I wanted to do the same for my kids. They were only two years old when the last episode aired, but I propped them up on their high chairs in front of the TV and took a picture of them watching the Phillip and Beth talking. They'll always know they watched Guiding Light.

    Would it be possible for you to post a picture of the fireplace seat and andirons in your study? We'd love to see those again.

    Thank you...looking forward to La Lumiere.

    Mark Lopa

  3. Would love to see you on Twitter! Please give it a thought.


  4. Hi Grant:

    What a lovely're on Twitter!! Enjoy tweeting.


  5. Grant, I'm so happy that you got the very special Spaulding fireplace & andirons. That fireplace is extremely important to die-hard Spaulding fans. How many times did you & Alan have discussions there? We (the fans) know you'll cherish these Spaulding items.


  6. This is marvelous news. Like Mark above, I was a mid-70s GL recruit (though I was 10 at the time). Outside of family, it's hard to think of such long-lasting relationships as with the actors and characters. To have this group collaborating again is terrific.

  7. I miss GL so much. The show brought such a wide variety of fanbases and people together.

    I'm very much looking forward to La Lumiere and other future projects of 9after7 productions.

    Oh, and welcome to twitter. :)


  8. When the show ended there was alot of props put up on Ebay. My sister, knowing how much I loved the show got me some for my birthday and Christmas. I cannot tell you how much I treasure these items. And I always will.

  9. It will be great to have GL back on my screen.
    I can’t wait to see all old friends back.
    Will it be possible to get a different end to Jonathan/Tammy story?
    Killing Tammy was the last straw for me and for so many fans.
    I know Tom and Stephanie are working on different projects, but I hope
    they will come back and give the right end to Jammy.
    Thank you for trying.

  10. Confused re post about Jammy. Is this GL like we knew it? Are the characters gonna be Beth, Josh, Reva, Phillip, Alan, etc?

  11. This is an entirely NEW project. It is not a new rendition of Guiding Light. It is a feature film with the actors playing entirely new characters. Proctor and Gamble own the rights to Guiding Light and they have not sold the rights and to the best of my knowledge they have not been put up.

    9after7 Productions hope to be able to offer this film and other material like it that will appear to long time soap fans.

  12. Is this project on or off? Beth and Tina say there's Paypal troubles. What's going on?

  13. At this time the project is on hold. An issue with PayPal resulted in our not being able to take orders and the issue left 9after7 with only one option and that was to refund the money to the fans. Other options are being explored at this time.